About Us

The guiding value of Sequoia CrossFit is to CELEBRATE LIFE.

We do this by providing an environment where we improve our fitness, have fun, laugh, play, and come together as a family, and in so doing, add longevity and quality to our lives.

While the core offering of Sequoia CrossFit is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program, we also live our value statement by knowing our members on a personal level, and we celebrate their personal milestones, birthdays, new family members, promotions, weddings, and anything else that they value.   In this way, we can separate ourselves from our competitors and create loyalty.

Sequoia CrossFit is a facility where athletes of all ability levels can come to improve their fitness…

as defined by CrossFit’s founder, Greg Glassman: “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.” In addition, we hope to create a place where our members will want to visit, socialize, support one another, and relax in their free time, not just during their workouts.

We will host regular “movie nights” for adults and for kids as well as informational seminars (both paid and free) on topics from fitness to nutrition or anything else we find germane to members’ well-being. We also have a lounge area with comfortable seating and free WiFi so members who work nearby or from home can answer emails and be productive, as well as a kids’ area, so busy parents can bring their children in and get a workout.

Finally, we offer for sale simple, healthy snacks and beverages such as Kill Cliff, FitAid, Perfect Bars, Clif Bars, and WODSnacks and even partner with local cafes and/ or food trucks to have healthy and delicious meal options available.

In essence, we wanted to create a place where our members could constantly improve every aspect of their lives.

Whether they are lifting more weight or moving faster than ever, being more productive and time-effective, fulfilling their professional obligations, or simply forging closer bonds of friendship with their fellow members.

Matt Andrus / Owner & Head Coach

Certifications: CrossFit L1, CrossFit Kids, TNT Triathlon L1

Matt began his career in the fitness industry by following a rather unlikely path. Despite being diagnosed at an early age with Legg-Perthes disease, a childhood hip disorder that can lead to severe bone loss and result in very limited athletic activity, Matt saw some success at high school sports and has always enjoyed outdoors, active pursuits.

As his academic and professional pursuits had nothing to do with fitness, it wasn’t until moving to San Francisco in 2007 and trying his hand at the sport of triathlon that Matt considered himself even an amateur athlete. But through years of training and racing, and through increased involvement with Team in Training, Matt ultimately became a certified TNT L1 Triathlon Coach and found that helping others achieve their athletic goals was as satisfying as achieving his own.

In 2011, Matt found CrossFit as an off-season strength program, and after three years of participation, decided to acquire his CrossFit L1 credentials in order to build a comprehensive business in the field of fitness. That business is Sequoia CrossFit.

Currently, Matt enjoys coaching and competing in CrossFit, triathlons, Spartan Races, and GORUCK challenges.  His broad experience has helped him to develop comprehensive programs for athletes of all ages to achieve their fitness goals!

Sequoia CrossFit
4030 International Blvd
Oakland, California 94601